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Requirements on how to operate concrete pump truck in different seasons

Release Time:2021-08-24
When waiting for concrete, try to keep the pump pipe of the concrete pump truck full of ash, and insert the hose port int..

When the concrete pump truck operates on the construction site, the operation specifications also change with the seasons, so as to prolong the service life. Let's share with you the requirements of how to operate in different seasons.

1. Operation requirements in spring, summer and Autumn

We all know that summer is a season with high incidence of thunderstorms and other bad weather, which is only in the north. In the vast areas of the south, thunderstorms occur from time to time in spring, summer and autumn. When working in this weather environment, pay attention not to unfold the boom. If the wind force is greater than level 6, or there is a precursor of storm and tornado, retract the boom and reset and fix it.

2. Winter operation requirements

In winter, the cold temperature is easy to cause pipe freezing, especially when the supply of the tank car is cut off, the pipe freezing prevention measures shall be mastered during operation: the next tank car shall be pressed and pumped slowly until the next car arrives at the site. After arriving at the construction site in winter, the operators shall make disclosure with the ash discharging personnel, and pay more attention to the arrival of subsequent tank cars.

If the ash has been cut off without pressing the truck, immediately contact the mixing station to determine the location of the next truck. If the distance is close, you can wait in a cycle. If the distance is long or other reasons cause the tank truck to fail to arrive at the site for a long time, a good way is to wait by drawing a ball.

When waiting for concrete, try to keep the pump pipe full of ash, and insert the hose port into the concrete to prevent cold air from entering and freezing the pipe. The concrete pump truck shall timely check the concrete freezing in different seasons..

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