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Concrete pump accessories
Concrete pump accessories
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    Concrete pump accessories

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    Jeddah heavy industry's sixth generation pump truck double-layer pump pipe and double-layer elbow have introduced ultra a..

Product Details

000 lithium grease00 lithium grease-2
Lithium grease No.00125 forged pipe clamp-2
80-6m rubber hose125-3m pump pipe
125 forged pipe clamp

DN125 5.5" Rubber seal

125 cleaning ball150 high pressure pipe clamp
Pm180 pipe clampR = 27590 elbow
Swing cylinderPump pipe
Pump pipe 125Reducer
Distributor bearingOuter housing
Concerte pump elbow bendpiston
piston1Hose 3M
Hopper screenPump pipe
Schwing pump pipeSchwing elbow
Car washing machineSlewing lever
Spectacle wear plateZoomlion 1# Elbow

Jida heavy industry concrete pump truck, fine stone concrete pump and concrete placing boom (hydraulic, electric, manual, wheeled and tower) are integrated, economical and, with reasonable configuration of electric control, hydraulic and pumping systems, flexible boom expansion, small floor space of outrigger and convenient vehicle movement. They are high-speed railway, beam yard, tunnel, airport, port The ideal construction equipment for indoor construction and urbanization construction is widely used in major projects, and the economic benefits are particularly significant.

Jida heavy industries introduced ultra audio frequency quenching equipment for double-layer pump pipes and double-layer elbows of the sixth generation pump truck, and high-frequency inner wall heat treatment process, so that 58-68hrc and 3.2-3.7mm layers were formed on the inner wall surface, so that the pipe life reached 60000-80000 cubic meters, which was 3-5 times higher than the original ordinary pump truck pipe and prolonged the service life of the product.

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