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Crawler diesel concrete pump
Crawler diesel concrete pump
  • Name:

    Crawler diesel concrete pump

  • Description:
    The electric diesel concrete pump adopts the heavy-duty hydraulic main pump and hydraulic valve. The displacement of the ..

Product Details

Jeddah heavy industries diesel powered concrete pump adheres to the company's consistent product concept and combines numerous application and improvement experience to meet the requirements of low consumption in modern building construction. The hydraulic system adopts double pumps and double circuits, the pumping unit adopts high-pressure large displacement variable oil pump, and the distribution unit adopts s-pipe valve. This product is widely used in urban construction, road and bridge construction, water conservancy and hydropower, tunnel construction and other construction sites.

• power system

The active force can be selected by the user;

According to the needs of users, Volvo, Shangchai caterpillar and Weichai can be selected to provide power for you.

The main oil pump adopts Rexroth of Germany and Kawasaki of Japan

• stable hydraulic system

The open hydraulic system makes the system have less reversing impact and less heating. At the same time, the heavy-duty hydraulic main pump and hydraulic valve are selected. The displacement of the main pump is large and the hydraulic valve is large, so as to improve the stability of the concrete pump.

Seamless steel pipe is selected for hydraulic pipeline, and there is no leakage in welding. All pipe joints and high-pressure hoses are made of excellent products. The pipe fastening technology is adopted, and there is no pipe explosion and oil leakage.

• pumping system

The reducing design at the material port end can release the reducing pressure of concrete in the conveying pipe and reduce the service life of S pipe outlet. At the same time, the French connection between the reducer and the outlet is adopted to reduce the pumping impact and vibration.

The high torque mixing system not only has high torque, but also the design of mixing shaft which is convenient for disassembly and assembly facilitates the maintenance of customers. The mixing blade adopts alloy three-sided surfacing process, which has a long service life.

Stepless adjustment of pumping displacement: stepless adjustment of pumping speed can be realized, and the pumping displacement can be easily changed according to the specific construction conditions to meet the needs of different working conditions.

• humanized electric control system

The humanized and intelligent electric control system optimizes the man-machine interface, makes man-machine integration and operation freely. Intelligent control: accurately monitor the whole machine, display the working state of the whole machine in text, and give warnings in time. The optimized interlock design can prevent accidents caused by misoperation. In the control process, a variety of automatic protection modes such as preventing motor on load start are set to refuse misoperation and improve the usability of the system.

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