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Truck mounted concrete pump
Truck mounted concrete pump
  • Name:

    Truck mounted concrete pump

  • Description:
    The hydraulic system of the truck mounted concrete pump adopts the starting circuit and electric reversing system, and is..

Product Details

Hydraulic system of truck mounted concrete pump:

1. Rexroth main oil pump and Rexroth valve group,.

2. Fully hydraulic control telescopic outrigger, easy to operate.

3. The hydraulic system adopts the starting circuit and electric reversing system, and is equipped with high and low pressure switching valve. The working state of the pump can be adjusted freely according to the construction requirements to facilitate the operation of the construction personnel.

Pumping system of truck mounted concrete pump:

1. The design of concrete conveying cylinder and long-distance master cylinder can meet the needs of different working conditions such as large displacement and long-distance transportation.

2. Spectacle plate, cutting ring, good, long service life.

3. High and low pressure automatic switching, with two working modes: low pressure large displacement and high pressure small displacement.

Control system of truck mounted concrete pump

The electrical control system adopts PLC, Omron, Mitsubishi, Schneider and other components, with a high degree of automation.

参数名称  Name of parameter单位HSD5130THBHSD5130THBHSD5130THBHSD5130THB
输送量Maximum transferring volumeM3/h90/6296/6296/6285/45
泵送出口压力 Maximum pumping pressure of outputMpa18/1018/1014/916/7
垂直输送距离Maximum vertical transferring distancem270270220270
水平输送距离 Maximum horizontal transferring distancem10001000800900
分配阀形式 Type of distribution valve-S阀 Svalve
混凝土缸规格:缸径*行径Concretecylinder size:inner diameterxstrokemm230x1650230x1650230x1650230x1650
料斗容积 Hopper volumeL800
上料高度Feeding heightmm1400
发动机型号 Engine type
道依茨 Deutz潍柴 WeichaiY2-315S-4
额定电压 Nominal voltageV24380
额定转速Rated speedr/min23001480
液压形式Hydraulic form
开式回路 Open loop
泵送系统油压 Oil pressure of pumping systemMpa32
液压油箱容积 Volume of the hydraulic oil cylinderL500

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