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wheeled hydraulic placing boom
wheeled hydraulic placing boom
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    wheeled hydraulic placing boom

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    Hgy15 mobile distributor was developed by the Institute of mechanization in the late 1990s The mobile distributor has..

Product Details

Hgy15 mobile distributor is a mobile distributor designed by the Institute of mechanization in the late 1990s. It has been used for more than 15 years.

1) The boom adopts "R" shaped three section folding arm, which can realize 360 ° full rotation, complete the pitching and luffing of the boom and the action of spreading and folding the boom at the same time, realize three-dimensional space pouring within the length of the boom, have no pouring dead angle, and can easily realize the concrete pouring of vertical structures such as walls, pipes, columns and piles.

2) The unfolding, pitching and slewing of the boom are hydraulically driven, and the whole machine is operated by buttons.

3) It has compact structure, can be lifted and shifted, and does not need to be fixed during use. It can be lifted to a suitable pouring place by using lifting equipment according to needs, and can be placed on the floor, platform, simple shelf or trailer, which has great flexibility and mobility. In addition, it can be lifted away from the construction area when not in use, which does not affect other processes, and is convenient for maintenance.

4) It is not affected by the size and shape of the construction layer, and can meet the needs of different construction floors and complex construction sites.

Five features of Jeddah hydraulic distributor:

1. Jeddah hydraulic distributor does not need to be fixed during use.

2. It can be placed flexibly according to the needs of the construction site.

3. The mobile distributor has stable structure and light weight, and can be hoisted and transported by the whole machine.

4. It adopts 360 ° full rotation boom type cloth structure, with simple operation and flexible rotation.

5. It has the characteristics of energy saving, economy and practicality, and plays a heavy role in improving construction efficiency and reducing labor intensity.

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