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Mini concrete pump
  • Name:

    Mini concrete pump

  • Description:
    Horizontal secondary structure pump is suitable for The fine aggregate concrete of the floor is transported, the stru..

Product Details

The horizontal secondary structure pump is suitable for fine aggregate concrete transportation in high-rise buildings, structural column pouring column of building floor group, and secondary structural column transportation pump.

Mining horizontal secondary structure pump

Performance characteristics:

1. The pumping system is 10 times that of manual construction.

2. It is easy to move and can be directly placed on the floor for on-site pouring.

3. Improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs.

4. More than 200 pieces can be poured every day.

5. It is used for fine aggregate concrete transportation of high-rise buildings, structural columns and pouring columns of building floor groups.

Mining horizontal secondary structure pump

Specific operation

1. Release the widened stabilizer leg.

2. The power input is normal.

3. Adjust the switch to confirm the reverse rotation.

4. Wet the barrel with water before feeding, or add thinner flowing material first.

5. Start feeding.

6. After the column mold is filled, turn the machine upside down and move it after discharging the remaining materials. When discharging, first pull out the material port insert plate.

7. When stopping, the remaining materials shall be discharged and cleaned with water to prevent it from working normally next time.

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