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Precautions during pouring of concrete placing boom

Release Time:2021-08-24
When the concrete distributor starts the pump, the dangerous area is the surrounding area where the discharge hose can sh..

Precautions during pouring of concrete placing boom:

1.If the discharge hose breaks during operation or jumps out during further movement of the boom,it will hit the hose operator and cause injury.This danger can also occur when the hose is suddenly blocked.When the pumping is started,the discharge hose will shake due to the sundries in the air or the sudden movement of the boom,which will also cause injury to the operator.

2.The dangerous area when the concrete placing boom starts the pump is the surrounding area where the discharge hose can shake out,and the area diameter is twice the length of the discharge hose.

3.During pumping operation,it is strictly prohibited to open the material conveying pipe clamp and insert the hose into the concrete.

4.The length of discharge hose shall not exceed 3M.

5.The hose chain shall be locked,and it is strictly prohibited to add hoses

6.The hose chain shall be firmly fixed on the boom steel structure,but not on the conveying pipe and pipe clamp.

7.Do not increase or decrease the counterweight materials in the counterweight box at will to prevent overturning.

8.The Distributor shall keep a distance from high-voltage lines and electrical appliances

9.After the placing operation of the placing boom is completed,the distribution pipe of the Distributor shall be cleaned,and the inner wall of the pipe shall be clean and the concrete.

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