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Water tank drainage operation flow of small concrete pump truck

Release Time:2021-08-24
When starting the small concrete pump truck, let the hydraulic system obtain power, because the water pump depends on the..

When starting the small concrete pump truck, let the hydraulic system obtain power, because the water pump depends on the hydraulic motor to supply power. Close to the operation button of the control, switch to the water washing state, and prepare to start the water pump for forced drainage. Drain the accumulated water in the water tank, open the ball valve at the drain at the bottom of the water tank, and wait for all the water in the water tank to flow out. Long press the drainage button to observe the water outlet of the water pump. When there is no water flowing out of the pump outlet, the operation is completed and the water in the pump is drained.

According to the above process, drain the ponding in the water pump of the small concrete pump truck, and you won't be afraid of the cracking of the water pump in winter. Remember to force drainage after using the pump every time, otherwise it will freeze and crack all night and can no longer be used continuously. In addition, it should be noted that in the process of forced drainage of small concrete pump truck, always pay attention to the outlet end of the pump.

Application scope of concrete pump truck:

1. Small and medium-sized construction projects, including township buildings, new rural construction, township cement roads, etc.

2. Mining, expressway, railway, tunnel, culvert and other projects.

3. Slope care, small and medium-sized reservoirs, water conservancy and hydropower projects.

4. Other small and medium-sized outdoor or field operations.

Advantages of concrete pump truck:

1. Mixed pumping and three in one transportation are convenient for transition.

2. Construction; On site mixing and continuous pumping, compared with traditional mixer mixing, manual feeding can improve the efficiency by more than 5 times.

3. Save manpower and reduce use cost. The mixing pumping process is operated by one person with a high degree of automation. Compared with mixer mixing, manual feeding can save 4-5 labor and reduce labor intensity.

4. It covers a small area and is easy to move. It is very suitable for the construction in rural and narrow areas.

5. The concrete produced is of good quality. After twice mixing and pipeline transportation, the concrete is evenly distributed, with good compactness, good impermeability and bending resistance.

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