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How to choose wear-resistant pump pipe?

Release Time:2021-08-24
The pump pipe can be configured according to the specific construction pressure and the vertical height of the building. ..

1、 Different equipment is equipped with different pipes. There are three types of concrete pumps: concrete trailer pump, vehicle pump and boom pump. The boom pump generally adopts pump pipe, which is made of various manganese steel pipes, and the process is inner wall quenching. Or double-layer pump pipe; High pressure pipes are generally used for on-board pumps. At present, the domestic high-pressure standard is seamless pipe with wall thickness of no less than 5mm and outer diameter of 140. The towing pump can be equipped with low-pressure pump pipe or high-pressure pump pipe. It can be configured according to the specific construction pressure and the vertical height of the building. Generally, low-pressure pump pipes are configured below 80m, and high-pressure pump pipes are configured above 80m as far as possible.

2、 The weight and wall thickness of the pump pipe shall be taken into account to understand the quality of the pump pipe. In the case of the same material, the heavier the weight, the thicker the wall thickness of the pipe. The longer the life. So before you buy, you should know the material and weight of the product.

3、 Looking for regular manufacturers, the market competition is fierce, and unscrupulous businessmen will always shoddy to deceive buyers.

4、 Pump pipes and concrete grades shall be selected according to the project. Different cement grades of different projects use different pump pipes. Generally, the higher the vertical, the higher the pressure bearing pump pipe is used. High pressure pump pipe shall be used for more than 150 meters vertically. Thick and pump pipes shall be used for cement grade above C50. Generally, pump pipes with a wall thickness of more than 6mm or pump pipes are selected.

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