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What principles should be followed when driving the concrete pump truck?

Release Time:2021-08-24
When the concrete pump truck crosses underpass, bridge, tunnel or overhead pipeline and overhead cableThere should be eno..

Concrete pump truck is a kind of construction equipment used by many construction parties at present. It can improve the efficiency of construction. The concrete pump truck also needs to follow a series of ethics rules during driving.

So what principles should concrete pump truck follow when driving?

a. Keep a proper distance from slopes or pits;

b. When crossing underpasses, bridges, tunnels or high-altitude pipelines and cables, there shall be sufficient space and distance;

c. The driving speed shall not exceed the speed specified in the technical data sheet of the pump truck, otherwise there is a risk of tipping;

d. The center of gravity of the concrete pump truck is high, so it must slow down when turning to prevent tipping.

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