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How to clean the concrete residue in the tank caused by sudden failure of cement mixer

Release Time:2021-08-24
When the concrete mixer fails, the internal concrete shall be discharged in time It shall be noted that after the concret..

In case of failure of concrete mixer truck, the internal concrete shall be discharged in time. There are two discharge methods:

1、 1. Prepare the emergency drive hose, turn off the faulty concrete mixer, and remove the high-pressure oil pipe connector on the hydraulic motor.

2. Turn off the rescue vehicle, remove the high-pressure oil pipe of its hydraulic motor, and connect it with the corresponding connector on the faulty vehicle with emergency drive hose.

3. Start the rescue vehicle, turn its control handle to the discharge position, and the concrete in the faulty vehicle will be discharged.

4. After the emergency drive, remove the drive hose and restore the two vehicles to their original state.

2、 1. If it is difficult to implement the above methods, the following methods shall be adopted to discharge the concrete immediately.

2. Put a wooden wedge between the supporting wheel and the raceway to control the rotation of the mixing drum, turn off the engine, and loosen a high-pressure oil pipe of the hydraulic motor. The mixing drum can rotate freely. Control the rotation of the mixing drum to turn the maintenance hole to the lower part, and then open the maintenance hole to clean out the concrete in the drum. After the concrete is discharged, the concrete mixer truck shall be restored to its original state.

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