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Parameter problems needing attention when purchasing pump truck

Release Time:2021-08-24
With the characteristics of large conveying capacity and transportation, concrete conveying pump plays a very important r..

With the characteristics of large conveying capacity and transportation, concrete conveying pump plays a very important role in speeding up the construction progress, shortening the construction period and reducing the construction cost.

However, in consideration of environmental protection, with the implementation of the ban on on-site mixing in urban areas, it indirectly plays a role in the development of commercial concrete machinery and concrete transfer pumps.

Then, in China's concrete pump market, there are a variety of consumer groups, including construction companies, concrete suppliers, leasing enterprises and individuals specializing in pump car leasing. When purchasing concrete pump construction, in addition to referring to boom length, operating system and after-sales service, you also need to pay attention to some technical parameters related to pump truck during actual operation.

Let's see what happens:

1、 Theoretical distribution height of distribution arm of concrete pump

The theoretical distribution height of the distribution arm refers to the distance from the outlet of the concrete delivery pipe at the distribution arm end to the parking surface when the distribution arm is fully unfolded or in a line. It is only a theoretical value and is only used as a comparison parameter for the length of the pump truck boom. During the actual concrete pouring, the jib and the middle section arm need to be bent to reach the pouring operation surface. The actual operation range is the area surrounded by the working curve of the distribution arm of the pump truck.

2、 Theoretical pumping volume of concrete pump

The theoretical pumping volume is the theoretical parameter of the concrete pumping system. It is the pumping force under the condition that the pumpable concrete has slump, the pumping system reaches 100% suction rate and low-pressure pumping state. The above conditions cannot be met in actual construction. The actual pumping volume of the pump truck is inversely proportional to the pumping concrete pressure, which mainly depends on the constant power point of the pumping system, the working state of the distribution boom and the inevitable shutdown and intermittent time in the actual project construction.

3、 The chassis of the concrete pump truck is the power source of the pump truck

The chassis has different models and quality according to the length of the concrete delivery pump boom. Most pump trucks below 32m adopt domestic chassis, which has poor performance in terms of handling, comfort, instrument display and control signal, but the price is relatively cheap. Both instrument display and control signals of pump trucks above 37m and 43M are processed by computer. If the chassis fails, it will automatically alarm. In addition, during the pumping process, the chassis speed regulation signal is directly transmitted to the computer through the corresponding input module.

4、 Distribution radius and height of concrete pump

The distribution radius and distribution height are the two parameters that the concrete pump can reach the ideal position when actually pouring concrete.

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