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Do you know the reasons that affect the difficulty of pumping concrete?

Release Time:2021-08-24
Reasons affecting the difficulty of pumping concrete by the pump truck: the pump pipe resistance increases due to the rem..

Reasons affecting the difficulty of pump truck driving concrete:

The pump truck is aging, including excessive wear of S valve, discharge pressure failing to meet the design standard, insufficient accumulator pressure, or insufficient engine power, etc.

The pump pipe is not cleaned, and there is solidified old concrete in the pipe, resulting in increased resistance of the pump pipe.

The pump pipe was not lubricated with water or mortar when it was newly opened, resulting in increased resistance.

The pipeline is too long and there are too many bends. If the pump is towed, the discharge height may be too high.

The causes of concrete materials, including mix proportion, aggregate particle shape, etc. Generally speaking, the resistance of artificial aggregate is greater than that of aggregate. Too many slender particles or too large aggregate edges and corners, too large sand modulus and poor grading all cause the increase of pumping resistance and the influence of admixtures. In order to increase the pumpability of pumped concrete, plasticizer is generally required to increase the slump of mixture without separation, Control the bleeding volume of mixture.

Due to the influence of mix proportion, improper proportion of each material component, insufficient mixing time, excessive on-site slump loss may also lead to difficulties in pumping.

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