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Elevator tower placing boom
Elevator tower placing boom
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    Elevator tower placing boom

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    The tower internal climbing distributor adopts the climbing structure, which is suitable for some high-rise buildings wit..

Product Details

1、 6 advantages of tower type (manual and electric) distributor:<span data-mce-style="font-size: 16.0pt;" :

Tower concrete distributor is the supporting equipment of concrete pump. Its function is to pump concrete to the buildings to be poured. It is the distribution equipment for concrete construction of high-rise buildings.

1. Tower distributor adopts climbing structure, which is suitable for some high-rise buildings,.

2. It can be poured, convenient construction and reduce labor intensity.

3. Standard accessories and common parts in the market are adopted to avoid the difficulty of later procurement of unconventional accessories.

4. Low cost and reduce construction cost.

5. Save labor, usually 1-2 people can operate.

6. The products of listed companies have good quality.

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