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Electric placing boom
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    Electric placing boom

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    The electric distributor adopts wireless remote control, no manpower is required for rotation, and the small bearing adop..

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1. It is a new product developed to expand the scope of concrete pouring and improve the mechanization level of pumping construction. Electric distributor is the supporting equipment of concrete pump, which is connected with concrete pump to expand the scope of concrete pumping. The problem of wall pouring cloth is solved, which plays an important role in improving construction efficiency and reducing labor intensity.

2. , wireless remote control is adopted, no manpower is required for rotation, and the small bearing adopts a new design to prolong the service life.

3. The structure is stable and adopts 360 ° full rotary cloth structure. The whole machine has the characteristics of simple operation, flexible rotation, energy saving, economy and practicality. Its design type adopts the imitation tower crane design form, such as a small tower crane to help you complete the construction task.

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电动布料机主要技术参数 Technical parameters of concrete distributor
型号 Model布料半径(m) Horizontal布料高度(m) Cloth height管径(mm) pipe diameter回旋范围(°) Rotationange整机质量(kg) Overallweight配重(kg) Counterweiht

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